Time stamping

Price : 60€ excl.taxes

While working, you certainly have documents in which your progress is exposed. By opting for a time stamping system, you obtain a legal proof of your anteriority on the time-stamped elements. In case of litigation, in case of counterfeiting, no proof is too much!

Time stamping, an interesting step for your industrial property strategy

Protect your creations, give a date to your documents thanks to the 100% online time stamping system on the blockchain.

Access an innovative patented technology that allows you to obtain an authenticity certificate for the information you have time-stamped.

Retrieve at any time the documents as filed as well as your proof of filing.

Share your public link and your authenticity certificate  with your partners and/or on your social networks. And keep your confidential link, for you.

Why use time stamping?

Protect yourself in just a few clicks.

Obtain a public and private authenticity certificate.

Certify any type of document.


Time stamping or Soleau envelope, what are the differences?


An international proof

Unlike the Soleau envelope, time stamping is an internationally valid proof. Time-stamp your documents at any time and keep your certificates of deposit private (to be kept strictly confidential) and public to share with your collaborators or investors.


Without time limits

The Soleau envelope allows you to keep your idea secret for 5 years, renewable once. The time stamping is a timeless proof.


Accessible for any kind of document

You can timestamp any type of document: docx, pdf, xls, mp4, jpg, etc. There is no size limit either, whereas the size of the Soleau envelope is limited to 300 MB.

Moreover, once put in your Soleau envelope, your document as filed is not recoverable. On the other hand, with time stamping, you have access to a unique secure platform, which allows you to download your documents as many times as you wish.

How does it work?


1. Fill in the form

4. Upload your documents to timestamp


2. Pay the timestamp


5. Receive your public and confidential authenticity certificates


3. Access your secure YesMyPatent account 


6. Keep confidential your private proof of time stamping.