BPI France subsidies


BPI France is one of many organizations giving aid and support for innovation-related activities, including patent filing in France, Europe or internationally.

All the following supports are dedicated to French companies only


Innovation diagnosis

Innovation diagnosis allows you to get support from an IP Counsel with a BPI France partner.  

Patentability studies or patent drafting and filing are eligible services in this dispositive.  

This diagnosis proposed by BPI France is a support of maximum €8000, bearing up to 50% of the IP service amount.  

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IP expenditures are eligible in the INNOV’UP. They have to be related to the R&D project for which you request a financial support.  

Expenditures can relate to any phase of your IP strategy, from patentability study to international, as well as patent drafting or licence agreements for instance. 

BPI France aid range between 25% and 70% of your request, depending on your company’s size and project. Maximum global support is €500 000. 

Caution, the BPI France support shall be requested before starting an IP service or the expenditures will not be considered. 

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Innovation development aid & support

BPI France can help financing your innovation before the industrial deployment and/or go-to-market.  

If you have a research activity or innovation development, then this support might be of the upmost interest for you. It is a recoverable advance of R&D Innovation loan up to 3 Millions €.

Patent drafting and  direct filing, or international filing are part of eligible expenditures of the innovation development aid and support.  

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Innovation aid & support

This BPI France aid and support gets you help in your project making whether it is a technological, creative or cultural project in maturation or feasibility phase. 

Patentability studies are part of the eligible expenses. 

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