European Patent

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Are you interested in the European market?  Opt directly for a patent in Europe which gives you priority in the 38 member states of the European Patent Organization (EPO).

Protect your invention in Europe

The patent is a national industrial property title. This means that if you file a patent in France only, you have exclusive rights on this invention on the French territory only.

With YesMyPatent, when filing your patent application, you also have the possibility to file a European patent application, which aims to have a single procedure if you want to obtain your patent in several European countries at once.  

Main steps

Patentability study

To find out if the proposed technical solution can be protected by a European patent.

Draft of the patent application

By a registered industrial property attorney, specialized in your technical field.

Filing of your patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO)

Payment of filing and search fees.

How to file a patent in Europe ?

When you have an invention for which you wish to obtain a European patent, several steps are necessary. In the field of innovation, it is sometimes a race to obtain patents in order to have the best possible protection on technologies and techniques of tomorrow that will allow you to position yourself on a market or to affirm your position as a leader. Indeed, the monopoly belongs to the first one to file a patent, not to the first one to invent! Startups and young entrepreneurs should not underestimate the need to file a European patent. It is even an essential procedure to protect the company’s innovations before being able to reveal them to the public and start looking for funds!   

Why file a European patent application?

A European patent allows, with a unique procedure with only one examiner, to obtain, once granted, a patent valid for 20 years in all countries of the European Union and well beyond! Indeed, the member countries of the European Patent Convention are more numerous than the EU member countries.

They include for example: Switzerland, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Monaco…

Our perfect knowledge of the procedures with the European Patent Office (EPO), some of our experts being ex-examiners of the EPO, assures you the best chances of success for the rapid grant of your patent in Europe. In addition, most of our experts are bilingual (English/French), and are able to offer you a drafting of your European patent application in English or French according to your needs. In a few minutes, we answer you about the patentability of your invention, and immediately determine the cost of protecting your invention on the European territory. 

Written in French or English, the patent is a document that describes the technical solution you have imagined. It must be drafted by a person experienced :

  • in patents,
  • European law,
  • be a specialist in your field of activity.

Indeed, your patent is submitted to an examination at the European Patent Office which determines whether it is granted or rejected. By having YesMyPatent assisting you in drafting and filing a European patent at the EPO, you have the best chances of having your European patent granted, in 38 European countries at the same time, at an excellent quality/price ratio and in the shortest possible time. 

YesMyPatent is able to provide you immediately with the information you need to start the process of protecting your invention in Europe, and to accompany you throughout the entire granting process. The transparency of our firm allows you to control the costs of your procedure, from the filing to the grant of your European patent.