Patent application filing

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Do you have an invention that you want to commercialize without being copied? Or simply protect it while advancing in its development without being afraid someone else will file the same idea?

You can opt for a patent!

The patent gives you exclusive rights

A patent is a “contract” signed with the PTO: it grants you a monopoly in exchange for full disclosure of the invention to the public in a document, the patent.

A patent is granted for a given period of time (20 years) on a given territory (France, China, USA…). Patent law is governed by the Intellectual Property Code in France and the European Patent Convention in Europe. 

What can be patented ?

A patent protects a technical invention, i.e. a product or process that provides a new technical solution to a technical problem.

You cannot protect an idea or a concept with a patent. Only the technical means used to realize it will be protected. Moreover, only new and inventive inventions are patentable in France. 

The innovation must be new


Industrial Application

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File a patent with YesMyPatent

YesMyPatent relies on experienced European Patent Attorneys with a minimum of 10 years of experience in their technical field. 

Whether your invention is in the field of biology, mechanics, electronics, or software, we have experts available to handle your case. Ask for your quote directly online and let us guide you. 

Our administrative department then prepares all the formalities for filing with the French PTO, the European Patent Office or the World Intellectual Property Organization.

You don’t have to worry about anything, our service takes care of the filing, the payment of fees, the follow-up of the examination at the Office and the renewal every year.  

Have you thought about a patentability study?  

You don’t know if your invention is new and inventive? You don’t know the prior art around your invention?

No problem, you can order a patentability study with a search performed by our experts on professional patent databases. 

The result of this search is :

– A detailed report in the form of a list of documents found during the search (e.g. patents, but also scientific articles, publications, web pages, etc.),

– An opinion on patentability (novelty)

– The positioning of your invention.