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Because the legal protection of your invention does not wait, YesMyPatent assists you in managing your patents in France and abroad. Meet us in Champs-sur-Marne (77), at the Cité Descartes.

“I was struggling with issues related to innovations, and I was able to call upon an exceptional patent firm. Magali and her team are really great to help you file with confidence. Thank you a thousand times “.

Manuel Correia



An INPI approved Patent attorney available in Champs-sur-Marne and everywhere

Since 2017, YesMyPatent simplifies patent filing in France and abroad. This Touroude & Associates’ digitalized industrial property service is accessible anywhere from your smartphone and laptop.

All of our patent attorneys are agreed by INPIand have been experts in patent law for more than 10 years. Our attorneys are available and ready to listen to your needs and to assist you at every stage of the patent application process, from the filing of the application to its issuance, in order to guarantee the protection of your invention in France and in all the countries in which you wish to propose your innovation. Thanks to the multidisciplinary profiles of our experts (biology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, computer science, etc.), you benefit from the best advice and support adapted to your field of activity.

From the patentability study to the drafting of the patent application in France or in Europe, our team of patent attorneys are there to help youuntil the best legal protection for your invention is granted.

With, find services, tools and information to protect your invention in a simple, fast and efficient way.Use our free toolsto test the pre-patentability of your invention and calculate the cost of your patent over 5 years.


Magali Touroude, Industrial Property Attorney, European Attorney, Founder of

Industrial property attorney registered at INPI, European Patent Attorney registered at the European Patent Office, specialized in biology and industrial property contracts

Where to find us in Marne la vallée ?

Appointment at Marne la vallée to file a patent application

Do you need assistance to protect your invention in France and abroad? Our patent and industrial property law firm is located in the heart of the Cité Descartes in the Paris region. Our experts in patent and industrial property law can meet with you by appointment.

Touroude & Associates is historically located in the offices of the Maison de l’Entreprise Innovante in Champs-sur-Marne (77), a center of excellence dedicated to the cities of tomorrow, in the heartof the Cité Descartes.

Since its inception, our service has developed in a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and invention. YesMyPatent grew up in the midst of start-ups and has adopted a resolutely agile and modern management style. Marked by the seal of innovation, the YesMyPatent service in Marne la Vallée has become firmly established in the 77 region and throughout France thanks to a network of partnerships, such as with the Village by CA Brie Picardie for example. Magali Touroude, founder of YesMyPatent, is also a teacher at the ESIEE engineering school in Paris.

From the outset, our service is based on its modernity, accessibility and flexibility. Make your requests online and pay directly by credit card from the site. Integrating new technologies into its operations, YesMyPatent launched its blockchain-based time-stamping tool, accessible from its website.

Because of work-personal life balance, modernity and agility the firm YesMyPatent by Touroude & Associates has made the choice of being 100% remote working since 2017. YesMyPatent has chosen a digital service, but above all a human accompaniment. This is why our experts still welcoming you in person by appointment in the office of your choice, in Marne la vallée, Paris, Aix – Marseille, Bordeaux and other cities located in France, in order to exchange in all serenity and confidentiality.

YesMyPatent won the 2017 Digital Solution Award from the CCI Paris Ile-de-France and the CCI Seine-et-Marne Award.

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