Softwares, algorithms, apps, protect them with a patent

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You are developing a software or an application? Think about protecting it from competition, and let yourself the possibility to license them for royalties. Discover all the essential steps to protect your invention.

Protect your algorithm, how does it work ?

Preliminary software study

YesMyPatent has created a preliminary software study just for you! 45 minutes of discussion with a patent attorney specialized in computer science to know if your software is eligible for patenting. And if you go further with us, the cost of the study is deducted from the procedure to follow.

This study allows you to avoid investing in a too expensive IP service if your innovation does not meet the patentability criteria.

Customized protection strategy

Depending on the results of the preliminary software study, our team will propose a tailor-made protection strategy and accompany you in all your steps. From the patentability study, to the patent, and to the international procedures, we will be at your side to advise you.

Transfer of rights contract

You call upon a service provider or an intern to develop the code of your software/application? The source code being under copyright, think about a transfer of rights contract to be at 100% owner of the innovation.

Yes, softwares can be patented !

Magali Touroude Pereira explains everything in this video


Request your preliminary software study

A quick study to find out if your application or software is eligible for a patent!

Computer programs are historically excluded from patentability. However, if your algorithm has a technical effect, is new and inventive, then it could be eligible for an issued patent.

  • 15 minutes of review of your documents and technical notes by one of our industrial property attorneys specialized in computer science
  • 45 minutes of telephone or video-conference to give you a strategic opinion on the invention and the follow-up of your file

And if you continue with us, then the cost of the preliminary software study will be deducted from the next service. At YesMyPatent we strive for transparency.



Transfer of rights contract

Whether it is 1 hour, 1 day or 1 year of work, if someone outside your company worked on the development of your source code, they remain the owner of their work. The source code is part of the copyright.

In order not to have bad surprises, from the beginning of your relationship with the provider, think about :

  • the non-disclosure agreement before giving out the key information of your innovation.
  • the service contract to define the exchanges with the chosen service provider.
  • the transfer of rights contract to be signed at the end of the service to ensure that the invention belongs entirely to you.

This document being crucial, do not hesitate to use the services of an industrial property attorney to get the best support in your legal procedures.