Patent Opposition

Your strategic foresight revealed that one of your competitors has just obtained a patent in Europe that could hinder your activity? Do not wait, you have 9 months after the grant of this patent to try to limit or cancel it by filing an opposition at the European Patent Office (EPO).

A procedure that shouldn’t be ignored 

Our European patent attorneys approved by the EPO and industrial property attorneys approved by the French PTO (INPI), some of whom are former examiners, are at your service to help you with:

  • the creation of an opposition file,
  • the preparation of a response to this opposition file
  • representing you during the Oral Procedure before the EPO or INPI.

Simply provide us with the relevant patent number (EPXXXXXXX or FRXXXXXX). 

YesMyPatent’s team will prepare a quotation, at the fair price, for the Opposition proceedings.

Defend your patent

After filing a patent application, the exclusive rights the invention are only valid in the countries where the grant was obtained. Thus, if you have filed a patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO), you will have a monopoly once the patent is granted and validated in the European countries that you have chosen. Any competitor copying your invention in one of these countries could be condemned to pay you substantial damages for counterfeit and will have to stop all exploitation.  

This is why your competitors, who have put your patent under surveillance, may decide to oppose it in order to have it cancelled. It is then essential to defend yourself efficiently so that you do not lose your patent and the ownership of your invention.  

In case of opposition from a competitor, YesMyPatent will quickly provide you with a quote for the entire procedure. You control your costs, have advantageous rates, and we will fight to protect your patent. The protection of your industrial property rights is a fundamental prerequisite to secure your R&D investments and your company’s activity. 

Are you being sued for counterfeit ?

Be up to date with your strategic foresight 

As your competitors can put your patents under surveillance, it is important that you do the same! Keeping up to date with the activities of your potential competitors in France and abroad is a fundamental practice! 

Indeed, it allows you to identify the risks and opportunities for your activity. If you notice that one of your competitors has just obtained a patent in France or in Europe, it may be wise to evaluate with YesMyPatent the possibility to oppose this patent in order to try to limit the negative or blocking effects that this patent could have on your business.  

A competitor’s patent granted in France or in Europe can allow him to obtain exclusive rights on a part or the totality of your activity, making you therefore guilty of counterfeit if you continue the exploitation. You risk significant damages and the outright prohibition of exploitation by a court!  

However, it is possible that you have in your possession elements proving that the invention is not so new and inventive, that the INPI or EPO examiner was not aware of during the examination of the patent. The opposition will then be the opportunity to present these elements and arguments to re-evaluate the relevance of the patent and possibly have it limited or rejected. Do not wait, you only have 9 months after the grant to file the complete opposition file… 

YesMyPatent’s network of experts provides you with customized support for all your opposition procedures in France and Europe. We offer you a double competence, legal and technical, in your field of activity at an excellent quality-price ratio.