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Do you want to protect your invention but don’t know how to file a patent? YesMyPatent takes care of everything. Use our online service and make an appointment with one of our IP startehists in Marseille – Aix.

“Very good contact and follow-up with the company via Alexandra van Ty. A call about Industrial Property with Magali Touroude. Very professional and focused on the subject of interest. I plan to continue working with YesMyPatent. “

Franck Boher


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Patent attorneys available in Marseille – Aix

First 100% digitalized industrial property service in Europe,YesMyPatent aims to make the protection of inventions accessible to all, and to make life easier for creators, brands, startups, companies and inventors. So that the research and procedures related to the protection of your innovation are no longer an obstacle course. Find online a lot of information, news and resources to inform you about your market, and learn more about legal procedures and your rights.

Deployed in our various offices located in France in Paris, Marne la vallée, but also Bordeaux, our Industrial Property Attorneys (CPI) approved by the INPI assist you throughout the life of your patent, from its filing to its issuance in France, but also from the prior art search to its international extension. To guarantee you the best legal protection, our experts in patent law are also qualified in several fields of activity such as biotechnology, chemistry, biology, mechanics, electronics, computer science, etc.

With YesMyPatent, our consultants, all patent attorneys for over 10 years, are at your disposal for all your questions and legal procedures. Our patent attorneys are at your disposal to optimize your strategy according to your needs and your budget.Contact us in a few clicks, or make an appointment in our office in Marseille – Aix-en-Provence for a confidential meeting.

You innovate. So do we. This is why we have developed a service that is accessible everywhere and digital tools to save you time. Calculate your patent cost, quickly order your patentability study online, pay by credit card, receive your documents by email, and keep them in your YesMyPatent client space so you can always find them if needed. This is what YesMyPatent service is.

Magali Touroude, Industrial Property Attorney, European Attorney, Founder of

Patent attorney registered with INPI, European Patent Attorney registered with the European Patent Office, specialized in biology and industrial property contracts.

Where to find us in Aix and Marseille?

Apply for a patent in Région Sud (Aix – Marseille)

Our firm of industrial property experts is located in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, an effervescent economic zone of creation and innovation, near the local incubators of La Duranne, a district of the Aix-en-Provence Business Park (PAAP), and downtown Marseille.

Magali Touroude’s YesMyPatent team in Aix – Marseille will help you to define your IP strategy, and assist you on all stages of patent filing. Whether it is to protect your innovation before commercialization, or a longer term vision for fund raising, we will advise you on the best option for your budget and industry.

Alexandra Van Ty, based in Aix-en-Provence for more than 10 years, will guide you through the process and answer all your questions about patent procedures. Her mastery of processes, deadlines, and her resolutely Business Development background will help you to understand the mysteries of Industrial Property, and to project yourself in the development of your IP title.

For reasons of work/life balance, modernity and agility the YesMyPatent by Touroude & Associates firm has made the choice being 100% remote working since 2017. The YesMyPatent team in Aix – Marseille welcomes you by appointment in offices chosen according to your itinerary, in order to discuss in complete serenity and confidentiality. We always adapt to you, not the other way around.

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