Patentability study

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“I am very satisfied with the patentability study. A similar patent was detected which helps in making the right decisions. I recommend this company.”

Gilles Rousselier, Google Reviews comment

What is a patentability study?

A patentability study is used to verify whether an invention meets the conditions for obtaining a patent.

A patent protects a technical invention, i.e. a product or a process that provides a new technical solution to a technical problem. In fact, you cannot protect an idea or a concept with a patent. Only the technical means used to realize it will be protected. Moreover, only new and inventive inventions are patentable in France. 

The patentability study is a preliminary step in the patent filing process for France, but also for Europe. The patentability study is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

If you do not perform it, you run the risk of filing a patent application for an invention that is not new or inventive and therefore of having your patent application rejected by the INPI. 

Average delay of the service: 2 weeks 

Why do a patentability study?

Filing a patent is a process that requires a lot of preparatory work before submitting your file for examination at the French PTO (INPI).

Not every invention can be protected by a patent

This right only concerns precise technical solutions in given applications.

The patentability study consists in :

– Searching for the elements that allow your invention to be patented,

– But also those which are obstacles to the realization of this step.

An inventor or a company must quickly determine if his invention is patentable or not. It is about saving time, but also about measuring the costs of the formalities of patent application.

Thanks to YesMyPatent, you have the legal advice that allows you to know the potential of your invention to be patented. One of our technical experts will then take charge of your file in order to maximize your chances of obtaining a patent.

We are competent to accompany you in this process with the INPI, but also with the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). 

FLASH Patentability study

A quick prior art search will be performed by searching keywords on free patent databases (unlike the complete patentability study which includes the search of paid professional databases).

Without being very thorough, it will give a first vision regarding the patentability of your invention and may allow to identify prior art “from scratch”.

Then the Industrial Property Attorney will evaluate the novelty and inventiveness of your invention with respect to the prior art identified during the search. 

Delay: about 10 days