INPI Aid & Support


INPI eases access to the innovation protection through funding

All the INPI backing are strictly dedicated to companies. 

IP Pre Diagnosis 

IP pre diagnosis is a first  discovery step of your project by an INPI patent engineer. 

He will discuss with you about your innovation, give you advices with respect of the following steps : prior-art search, patentability study,  drafting and filing a patent application, internationalization, etc…

INPI can give you a certified IP firm list within which you can chose the one you wish to work with. 

This is a free step and is essential to the PASS PI grant. 

PASS PI de l'INPI avec YesMyPatent


The PASS PI  is a financial aid implemented by INPI to support french companies into its IP strategy.  

Each company having been preliminary appraised by the INPI through the IP pre-diagnosis can be allowed to use up to 3 PASS PI for a maximum amount of € 10 000 (taxes incl.), meaning a maximum funding of € 5 000 by the INPI. 

These PASS PI can be used for :

  • prior art search and patentability studies
  • freedom to operate studies (FTO)
  • validity studies
  • patent intelligence
  • intellectual property agreements
  • international filing of a french patent
  • litigation

In each case, PASS PI covers 50% of the IP firm fees. You take up your part, while INPI will directly be charged by the IP firm you’ve chosen.  

What are the steps ?

  1. Contact your regional INPI and ask them the possibility to be granted a PASS PI for the innovation you want to protect. 
  2. You will have a meeting with a patent engineer in your field whom will appraise your need. 
  3. Your PASS PI is granted : INPI will cover 50% fees of the IP firm chosen and settle it with him directly. Caution, the IP firm have to be certified by the INPI.
  4. Send the INPI quote form transmitted by the INPI to your chosen IP firm to be completed. 
  5. Send the firmed quote form back to the INPI
  6. The INPI send its agreement and a purchase order directly to the chosen IP firm.  
  7. You have to bear the 50% remaining fees, payable to the chosen IP firm. 
  8. Once the service is done, the IP firm will send you and the INPI the deliverables. The INPI will then release the balance directly to the IP firm.