Startup, use IP to make your business explode

“We have a portfolio of 6 patents, which allowed us to raise 1 million euros very quickly, YesMyPatent assited us, advised us and helped us in the definition of our strategy, and it paid off ! Today MacLloyd is winning tenders with companies such as PMU. A team of 15 employees, a subsidiary in Miami, and it’s not over yet !”

– Lisa Bost , MacLloyd 


From 2500€ excl.taxes for a simple invention, the patent can be a very good protection strategy. It gives a monopoly of exploitation for a certain period, a competitive advantage and an access to royalties.


You are developping a software or an application? Discover the key steps of the protection and our special “software” services.


Need a confidentiality agreement? Assignment of rights? Collaboration or consortium? Discover all our contracts and rates.

Time stamping

From 60€ excl.taxes, time stamping is an inexpensive way to prove the anteriority of your invention.
Get your certificate of registration in a few clicks.

Patent: how long does the procedure last?

What tools to finance your innovation?

We are approved by the INPI!


IP Pre-diagnosis

First diagnosis of your intellectual property needs such as protection of your innovations, confidentiality, contractual frameworks or documentary research.


Financial assistance for the implementation of IP actions, 3 services reimbursed at 50% of the amount of the invoices of your IP consultant.

A maximum of 10 000€ per company.


IP Master class

Personalized coaching to make IP a development lever for your company.

Cost : 3 000€

We are eligibles !


Our fees are eligible for the ITC up to 20%


Our fees are eligible for the RTC up to 30%.