Inventors, don’t let your inventions be stolen

“It all started with a simple idea but which was not easy to protect. When you are an inventor you are afraid of being copied quickly. That’s when YesMyPatent’s assistance in filing and managing two patents was indispensable. And especially today because the firm is assisting us in licensing negotiations as well as drafting production and distribution contracts with a major French industrial company.” 

– Philippe Incagnoli, Roll N Push

How to protect your invention when you are an individual inventor ?

In order to protect yourself from copying, counterfeiting, to collect royalties or to license your invention, you must protect your idea.

Discover all the steps, costs and alternatives to achieve this :

Time stamping

From 60€ excl.taxes, time stamping is an inexpensive way to prove the anteriority of your invention.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

What are the stakes of the NDA? For 200€ excl.taxes, it will protect you during any exchange about your invention. No more involuntary disclosure!

Patentability study

From 750€ excl.taxes, a patentability study allows you to have a complete vision of the anteriorities which exist for your invention, and thus to see if it is patentable or not.


From 2500€ excl.taxes for a simple invention, the patent can be a very good protection strategy. It gives a monopoly on the invention for a certain period, a competitive advantage and an access to royalties.

How much does a patent cost?